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Game Over Wedding Cake January 1, 2010

This was a cake I made for my sister-in-law Aimee’s wedding. Her husband Jake requested a “game over” theme for the cake and I ran from there. The bottom layer was dark chocolate and the top layer was white chocolate, giving a prison bar affect. I used homemade butter cream and marshmallow fondant for the icing. Around the base of the cake is prison bars with different faces behind them. Around the top edge is barbed wire. The top portion of the cake was meant to save for their 1st anniversary – it is a castle with a big wooden door with silver dust mixed with vanilla extract painted on to look like bricks. I hand cut the GAME OVER letters out using white marshmallow fondant. The silver rings I just connected together and rolled them around in the silver dust until they were nice and sparkly. I made the ball and chain by taking two wads of the different flavors of cake and mashing them together to form a ball, then put black colored butter cream frosting around it then waited for it to dry. Then I painted on silver dust to give it a steel look. The chain is made with dark gray fondant which I just formed and laid it on the cake, then glued the two ends to the ball and clasp using butter cream. The clasp is made out of purple and black fondant stuck together. After I assembled the ball and chain I brushed on dry silver dust on the chain to give it the steel look. I found the cake topper at Party World in Tacoma, WA. And that’s it!


One Response to “Game Over Wedding Cake”

  1. Hi there….wow…you really are quite talented with the cakes…my mom would love hanging out with you…she took classes on it. I didn’t realize you were doing them…excellent job!!!!

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