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Easter Egg Hunt Birthday Cake March 29, 2010

I made this cake for my nieces 1st birthday which was Easter themed so all of the kids attending could have an Easter egg hunt. So I made the cake to be just that! An Easter basket with edible grass and dirt with hidden eggs and a personal big Easter egg cake for my niece. The cake was confetti style vanilla and the frosting was chocolate butter cream. The only fondant I used on this cake the flowers on the Easter egg. The handle on the basket is made out of chocolate bark that I melted and formed on top of parchment paper to let dry. The egg and bunnies in the basket I bought (I wish I could claim to have made those but I didn’t lol). The basket weave design and grass I just used butter cream frosting using piping bags and special tips. The dirt was made out of ground up chocolate teddy grahams. This cake was super fun to make!


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