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I am no longer updating this blog… September 8, 2010

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Hi Everyone! I am no longer updating this blog but will have all of my new cake creations posted on my facebook page and website. Click on the links below to bookmark!


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Thanks Friends and fellow cake enthusiasts!!

Sara Jones

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Mary Engelbreit Cupcakes May 21, 2010

There were 42 each of carrot with cream cheese frosting and 42 each of lemon with vanilla buttercream frosting. All flowers and letters were designed in my marshmallow fondant to resemble Mary Engelbreit’s style complete with black and white checkered cupcake liners. I’m sooo happy with how these turned out!


The Beatles – Across the Universe Cake May 20, 2010

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This was a triple layer carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream frosting. The cake was then covered in my marshmallow fondant with a luster dust swirl and fondant decorations. The music notes and lettering on the comet were written with an edible writer pen.


Cake Decorating Day With My Nieces

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I had a cake decorating day with my nieces Sybil and Natalie a little while ago and would like to share the pictures. They did a fabulous job decorating their cake! It was yummy too =).


Hermes Birkin Bag Purse … Cake! April 1, 2010

I am soo happy with how this cake turned out! I made this cake for my best friends birthday. She loves purses and collects them so I thought it would be perfect to make her a purse cake for her birthday! So I did some research online for an expensive hard to get purse and found the Hermes Birkin Bag.

Her favorite color is purple so that was a given for the purse color. For some reason though I couldn’t get the exact color of the cake when I was taking pics of it =/. Anyway, the cake itself was chocolate fudge with chocolate buttercream frosting, all home made. I made the base like a sheet cake but laid white marshmallow fondant and formed it to look like a piece of silk cloth. I painted it with Wilton white shimmer dust to give it that silk sheen.

Now for the purse itself. A few days before her bday I premade the fondant and made all of the intricate pieces to let them dry out for a few days like the buckle, straps, lock, handles, tag ¬†and the chord holding the lock. Then I layered and cut the cake to shape and frosted it. I measured the cake, rolled out my purple fondant and cut it to size and molded it over the cake. (There’s too many details to go into this so I’m making it brief) Then I used a Wilton rolling teeth tool to make all of the stitches. I stuck the handles on using toothpicks and purple buttercream as glue. Then I dusted Wilton lavendar shimmer dust on the purse and added the rest of the details… ans viola! A Hermes Birkin-Bag Purse Cake! My BFF loved it so much she couldn’t get herself to eat it, so we ate the base instead. ;D


Easter Egg Hunt Birthday Cake March 29, 2010

I made this cake for my nieces 1st birthday which was Easter themed so all of the kids attending could have an Easter egg hunt. So I made the cake to be just that! An Easter basket with edible grass and dirt with hidden eggs and a personal big Easter egg cake for my niece. The cake was confetti style vanilla and the frosting was chocolate butter cream. The only fondant I used on this cake the flowers on the Easter egg. The handle on the basket is made out of chocolate bark that I melted and formed on top of parchment paper to let dry. The egg and bunnies in the basket I bought (I wish I could claim to have made those but I didn’t lol). The basket weave design and grass I just used butter cream frosting using piping bags and special tips. The dirt was made out of ground up chocolate teddy grahams. This cake was super fun to make!


Brown and Lavender Calla Lily Wedding Cake February 25, 2010

This is my first professional wedding cake and I’m very happy with how it turned out! It is 3 tiers, each tier is 3 layers. The top and bottom tiers were white vanilla cake with raspberry filling and white butter cream. The middle tier was chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting and filling. I decorated it with butter cream frosting, white fondant, fondant calla lilies and leaves.

I started making the cake about a week before the wedding by forming all of the flowers and stems. I used my own fondant recipe for them. I used different size heart cookie cutters then molded the flower over paper cone cups and let them dry out until they were hard. before forming the flower over the cup I used a ball tip fondant tool to ruffle the edges of the flower to make it look more real. For the stems I just formed them all into the shape I wanted and let them dry. Then I used butter flavoring, yellow food coloring and crushed sugar sprinkles to decorate them. The leaves my husband helped with, using leaf fondant cutters and then hand drew all of the veins. We let them dry on top of crumpled tin foil to give them a realistic look.

Now for the cake, my husband had to go to the hardware store to buy a piece of wood and cut it to size for the base. I used decorative tin foil to cover the base. I baked all of the cake layers and froze them (this doesn’t make them “frozen” but more like pound cake and makes it real easy to cut them all together). Then I made the raspberry filling and chilled it. Then I just assembled the cake, rolling out the fondant as needed for each layer (you should apply fondant soon after you put a thin layer of butter cream on the cake to help it stick better and make it look smoother.) For the raspberry filling I applied a very thin amount of white butter cream before applying the raspberry filling. This stops the filling from absorbing into the cake.

To decorate it I just laid the flowers on the base and tiers to get the best placement for them, then secured them to the cake using yellow toothpicks. I had to do this to ensure a safe trip to the wedding reception =). Otherwise if you don’t have far to go you can just use white butter cream to hold them in place. Then once all of the flowers were in place I set the leaves where I wanted them. Then I just used the left over chocolate butter cream frosting and piped the brown decorations by hand.